Ax Faction Now Available at Hangar 18 Miniatures

Ax Faction Now Available at Hangar 18 Miniatures


Ax Faction is a company based in the UK and known for producing high quality 32mm resin models with brash styling and provocative design, utilising the leading artists and craftsmen of their field to bring to life these fabled fighters of Dragon spankers, Saucy heretics and Dungeon delvers. All miniatures are in 32 mm scale and cast in high quality resin. Each miniature is packaged in an artisan box along with an artwork card insert.


Ax Faction - Forest Guardian and Broadfoot

Their latest and long-anticipated release is the Forest Guardian and Broadfoot, a dramatic and impressive figure of a female forest guardian riding a bear. You can now preorder Forest Guardian and Broadfoot to make sure you will be among the first who have it.

Make sure to check Ax Faction page to see the full line of their miniatures.

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