Hangar 18 Miniature Highlights: ST Models - MJ's Figure Art Vol. 1

Highlights: ST Models - MJ's Figure Art Vol. 1

A product review by Liliana Troy 

MJ's Figure Art Vol 1: A comprehensive painting guideInside Page of MJ's Figure Art Vol 154mm Resin figure included

We are very excited to announce that all ST Models products are available on our boutique shop. ST Models is a miniature company and publisher in South Korea. ST Models is run by Man Jin Kim, a very well rounded modeler and known for his box arts for Seil Models and many others.

MJ's Figure Art vol.1, is our product highlight of the coming week. This book is the most comprehensive painting guide ever published. It is 96 pages and each page is fully loaded with color photos and detailed step-by-step instructions; From tools used in the process, model preparation, assembly and painting the 54mm German soldier. The instruction is written in two language: English and Japanese. There are two dedicated painting guide sections: For beginners and intermediate/advanced modelers.

Don't let the price set you back. The 54mm German soldier resin figure that's used in the book is included. The book itself comes in a beautiful and sturdy box. 

I wish I had this book when I started painting miniatures 13 years ago. It answers so many questions I had back then and would have saved me from numerous obstacles and frustration. Even after 13 years of painting miniatures, I still learned a couple of new techniques from this book. I highly recommend this book, regardless if you are new or veteran to this hobby. 

Click here to purchase this book. You will not be disappointed.