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Introducing: Hangar 18 Pinups - Bawidamann Series!

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We are very excited to announce our military pinup line: Hangar 18 Pinups - Bawidamann Series. 

Andrew Bawidamann’s pinups (http://www.bawidamann.com) evoke the style of old school bomber nose art. You have seen them on shirts all over the gaming conventions, and we’ve loved them for years. 

Last year we launched our Kickstarter for this project and it was a great success! Now with all the Kickstarter fulfillment has been completed, we are able to officially launch this line and make them available for purchase.

There are six 32mm and sixteen 54mm models in this line. All of the models are multi-parts and cast in high quality resin. Check out our store for this miniature line!

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New Arrivals from Nocturna Models and Ax Faction!

The beauties from Noctuna Models and Ax Faction have arrived! Also restock on:EnchantmentLilithMalefic Bust, andLuz New YorkLuis Royo Malefic: Luna's Soldier - Price: $69.99Luis Royo Malefic: Luz, Tokio - Price: $69.991:10 Scale Necromancer Bust - Price: $69.99Urban Monster Hunter - Price: $14.99Clearance SectionWe are clearing our shelves to get more new items in! Check it out.Savings up [...]

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Coming Soon From Kabuki Models, Scale75 And Nocturna Models

Here is the preview of what's coming in July/August:Kabuki Models:Scarab KnightHydra KnightThe HuntressThe MermaidEvil QueenScale75:InktensitySoilWorks EffectsSoilWorks EarthFallen Frontiers Diane TianseenSteam Wars Carla McCarthyHeroes & Legends Ragnar LodbrockNocturna Models:LilithMalefique

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Last Day for our Kickstarter

We are on the last stretch before this campaign ends. In the past 24 hours, we have unlocked the last Fabulous Four model: the Kaiju Girl and that concludes all of the 16 models. Now we're on our way to unlock the 1/20 scale  promo bust: The Tiger Madchen M. This bust is a Kickstarter Exclusive [...]

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Final Week for Hangar 18 Bawidamann Pinups Kickstarter

We are now entering the final week. The journey has been nothing but amazing, thanks to our backers and supporters. We have achieved six stretch goals so far - that equals to 14 of 16 models are unlocked, including three stretch rewards: free mousepad, free A2 photo background, and free digital wallpaper. We are now on [...]

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Hangar 18 Pinups Kickstarter Reboot is now LIVE

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Store Update March 2014: Restock on Kabuki Models, Scalecolor, Wet Palette, and new Painting Supplies

New Arrivals from Kabuki Models, Scalecolor, Masterson, and Restock Tinker Bell - 54mm resin $34.99 Shop Now » The First Generation of Knights of Legend are here and with lower price! Shop Now » Masterson Art - Rinse Well $17.99  Tired of changing your rinse water often? The Rinse Well stores 28oz of fresh water will supply you with clean [...]

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Store Update February 2014: New Arrivals from Nocturna Models: Malefic Time - Apocalypse, Akelarre, and Fairy Tale Girls

Nocturna Models We are very excited to offer these beautiful sculpts of  Luis Royo - Malefic Time, Fairy Tale Girls and Akelarre from Nocturna Models.  Shop Nocturna Models » Raphael Pure Kolinsky Brushes In the midst of kolinsky brushes shortage, we were able to get the super fine Raphael Kolinsky brushes. Raphael brushes stand equally with da Vinci Maestro for their durability and ability [...]

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Store Update: New Arrivals from Ax Faction, Guild of Harmony, Alliance Model Works, and Kamizukuri

New Arrivals from Kabuki Models, Ax Faction, Guild of Harmony, Alliance Model Works, and Kamizukuri Ky'ra' Bust - 1/6 scale resin $59.99 Buy Now » Ax Faction Forsaken Princess - 32mm resin $20.99 Buy Now » Guild of Harmony - Steampunk Arielle Limited Resin Edition $19.99 We managed to get the last resin models of [...]

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Store Update: New Releases from Kabuki Models and Restock on Stand Alone plus Clay Shapers

Kabuki Models New Releases: Knights of Legend - Steam Knight and 54mm Cleopatra The latest miniatures from Kabuki Models: Knights of Legend Steam Knight and 54mm Cleopatra are now available at our online store. Knights of Legend - Steam Knight $49.99 Big Sisters 54mm Cleopatra $34.99 Restock on Kabuki Models and [...]

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