Store Update March 2014: Restock on Kabuki Models, Scalecolor, Wet Palette, and new Painting Supplies

New Arrivals from Kabuki Models, Scalecolor, Masterson, and Restock

Tinker Bell - 54mm resin $34.99
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The First Generation of Knights of Legend are here and with lower price!
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Masterson Art - Rinse Well $17.99 
Tired of changing your rinse water often? The Rinse Well stores 28oz of fresh water will supply you with clean water for quite a while.
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Masterson Art - Paint Solvent Cups(10pk) $5.95

Perfect little containers to store your custom paint mixture, paint solvents, or any little tidbits.
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Scalecolor Metal n' Alchemy STEEL $34.95

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Scalecolor White Surface Primer $8.95

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Scalecolor Black Surface Primer $8.95

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We have restocked the following products and are now available on our online store:

Happy Painting!
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