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MN73732S - 4/6mm Summer Buffalo Grass Tufts

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Buffalo Grass Tufts will add natural, dried, seasonal multi-tone turf-grass tufts to the most arid looking areas of your layout. The tufts are mounted on an invisible base that causes the tufts to stand up and feather outward. Tufts may be placed (then glued) individually or peeled off in random clusters.

Each package contains one 1½" x 12" sheet of long (4mm/6mm) tall tufts in dark green color.

1 Review

Nate 2nd Apr 2014

Great for basing

I have yet to use this in a diorama project but have put tufts on a couple of bases. The stuff glues down really easily and looks fantastic. I'll be buying more types of grass for sure.

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