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MN93632S - English Ivy O-Scale

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O-Scale English Ivy contains 1 strip measuring 5.75" x 1.75" of dark green ivy foliage.

Whether you'll use this evergreen for climbing or ground creeping, you'll have no problem keeping this 'creepy' ivy contained to those areas that require a little ornamental class! The English Ivy's signature palmate five-lobed leaf structure displays its own unique quality compared to other leaf foliages.

How-To Apply

1: Cut ivy strip in half with the grain. Randomly snip horizontally and diagonally allowing the material to expand and feather-out but maintaining a long vine.
2: Apply a small amount of glue Goo II or Quick Grip to the back of the vine. Wait a minute for the glue to tack-up and stabilize.
3: Gently apply to wall or building surface. Use tweezers to handle the material so not to flatten the texture of the material.

2 Reviews

LRJ 14th Feb 2019

Ivy O Scale

This product is very quick and very easy to use. I found it works well in 1/35th scale too.

Lon 2nd Jan 2016

climbing the walls

Just tried this and it does a really good job of looking like climbing Ivy. It's model railroad quality but will still work for gaming terrain

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