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SF91331S - Spring Lombardy Leaf

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This silflor Lombardy foliage comes in a variety of scales so you can create a range of scenic effects to suit what ever scale of figure or model you are working on.

The foliage is perfect for use on Flames of War tanks, vehicles and dioramas as camouflage or a simple climbing vine on a wall. The extensive range of tree foliage means that you can cover every conceivable region and season.

By using different scales of this product you can also create wild thick undergrowth and weeds, climbing vines or even a tree canopy. Each stand of this product has tiny leaves on a horsetail backing.

If you look at this foliage a little closer, you'll realize that the flakes are actually a five lobed leaf! Never before has such foliage detail, with this many seasonal tones, been available to the average modeler.

Spring Lombardy Leaf include one sheet of leafy foliage on a super-fine polyester branch support in a brilliant mix of green color. 

Sheets measure 3 1/2" x 6" each.

Leaves are colorfast synthetic paper and resist fading and discoloring.


1 Review

Heidi 10th Oct 2014

Many Useful Applications!

I was originally concerned about the price of this--not having bought actual Scenery Modeling materials before--but the piece actually goes a long way, for me. I needed something to make ivy-type vines, and this stuff works perfectly. PROS: Useful for many applications, across scales. Realistic colors. Pulls apart nicely. Very "sturdy" material. This company has the best price on this material, & available in small quantities for sampling. CONS: STATED SIZE IS: "Sheets measure 3 1/2" x 6" each." ACTUAL SIZE IS: 1-3/4" x 5-1/2 each

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