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SF93025S - Red Broadleaf Maple Foliage

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The Broadleaf Maple is perhaps the most colorful of all the maples in North America. A popular species, this maple is found throughout rural country sides and urban areas. Highly prized as an ornamental tree for its brilliant red autumn foliage.

If you look at this foliage a little closer, you'll realize that the flakes are actually a five lobed leaf! Never before has such foliage detail, with this many seasonal tones, been available to the average modeler.

Late Summer Maple Leaf include one sheet of leafy foliage on a super-fine polyester branch support. Burnt Green & Olive Late Summer Tone Broad Leaf Maple foliage.

Sheets measure 3 1/2" x 6" each.

Leaves are colorfast synthetic paper and resist fading and discoloring.


1 Review

Dylan Yanchus 11th Mar 2015

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I have ordered several products from Hangar 18 and I am very pleased with every step of the process. Ordering was hassle free, shipping was immediate and I was very pleased when I received my products. I would certainly recommend to any other potential clients.

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