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Bawidamann Series: Cosmonaut

Andrew Bawidamann’s pinups (http://www.bawidamann.com) evoke the style of old school bomber nose art. You have seen them on shirts all over the gaming conventions, and we’ve loved them for years. Now the art has transformed into three dimensional resin model kit.

Size: 54mm

Material: resin

Pieces: 13 (clear plastic base and plastic rod included)

1 Review

STEFANO 14th Aug 2017


I have just received my large order of Hangar 18 Pin-Up miniatures in 54mm scale and boy! I just can't exaggerate the quality of these little wonders! Crisp detail, wonderful sculpture, and that lovely rétro taste of the WWII Nose Art Pin-Ups...!! A delight for eyes and also for the hands of a modeller. Bravo! I want more! Choosing Bawidamann's art as inspiration and reference is definitely a winning choice for a classy and tasteful product. but there are so many designs still unused! Come on and give us more gals! My preferred are the Cosmonaut ( the best of the best in my modest judgment ), then Death from Above, See You on the Beach and the Dive Girl, but all, all of them are fantastic! I choose 54mm, although more expensive, because I am well acquainted with other models that scale, but I have no doubt the smaller counterparts are terrific, too! I would greatly love to learn soon the release of new figures and the offer of the old ones also in the popular 120mm scale. You are on the right path boys, keep doing your great work! Sincerely, Stefano from Rome Italy.

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