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Sculptor E. Pérez Delgado
Painter Alexandre Cortina Bonastre
Scale 75 mm
Material White Metal
Pieces 14

In German Mythology, the Valkyrie is "The one who selects" ( Kyrja is the deriviative of the verb Kjósa , "Choose") the warriors fallen in battle ( Varl ) to take them to Valhöll or Walhalla, the dwelling of the gods, where they reside until the great confrontation with Ragnarök, or the end of the world.

According to some sources, the Valkyries were 9 sisters, daughters of the gods Odin and Erda, the Earth; They are represented as young virgins with beautiful faces, resplendant white arms and golden hair which they wore long and flowing; They wore a helmet and armour of silver or gold, with white tunics like the snow or blood red. They bore great shields and shining lances.

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