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Concept: Stefano MORONI 
Sculptor: Joaquin PALACIOS 
Dimension: 75mm 
High quality resin kit 

Along the narrow paths of the alpine countries, between snowy forests and silent valleys, on cold nights that come close to the winter solstice, wild and mysterious creatures roam: they are the Krampus. In the time of year when the sun is weak and barely touches the Earth with its rays, they come out of their shelters in the mountains to go to visit lonely Alpine countries ... They sneak quietly in homes or roam the streets between noises of cowbells looking for naughty children, who kidnap closing them in the bottom of a large sack, to take them who knows where ... 

Children who will not be rewarded by the gifts of Santa Claus, end up in the clutches of the devils of Yule, the Krampus! 

Everything that exists, exists because of its opposite: there isn't force, intelligence, virtue, or property that hasn't an opposite that counterbalances. In the popular tradition of the north-east Italy, Austria, Germany and the Slavic countries, the Krampus is the force opposite to that of Santa Claus: he is the companion of Santa Claus, often depicted with him, the other face of a single power that gives or takes away according to merit.


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