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The Mad Flight: Ulysses

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The Mad Flight: Ulysses

Concept: Stefano Moroni

Sculptor: Ali Jalali

Box art: Marco Bariselli

Size: 75mm

High quality resin kit


Five times rekindled, and as often quenched,
had been the light beneath the moon, since first
we entered on the passage of the deep,

when lo, a mountain loomed before us, dim
by reason of the distance, and so high
it seemed to me, that I had seen none such.

And we rejoiced; but soon our happiness
was turned to grief; for from the new-found land
a whirlwind rose, and smote our vessel’s prow;

three times it made her whirl with all the waters;
then at the fourth it made her stern go up,
and prow go down, even as Another pleased,

till over us the ocean’s waves had closed.”

INFERNO, Canto XXVI, vv. 130-142

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