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Lady of Anguish

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The Lady of Anguish

A disturbing blend of the horrific and the beautiful, the Lady of Anguish is a bizarre combination of wasted flesh and fungal growth. She is a winged garden of rot, possessing truly terrifying power. Flying out of reach of her enemies on moth like wings, the growths on her body disperse spores into the air that infect any organic material that they touch.

At first virtually undetectable the spores branch out beneath the flesh of any sentient victim unlucky enough to inhale them. The infection grows in the warm damp of the lungs, forming an interlinked mycelium network that wraps around the hostÕs central nervous system. By releasing assorted hormones and chemicals, the demonic fungus can seize control of the body it inhabits, turning it into a meat puppet that is completely obedient to the Lady of Anguish.

A helpless marionette, the victim turns on former comrades, their movements uncoordinated, erratic, and disturbing. It is then that the Lady of Anguish strikes, dropping from the skies, viscera trailing from her ravaged body. Her disturbing countenance resembles a courtier of old, and it is with a mocking flourish that she invites her foes to the dance of blades.

The Lady of Anguish is hand cast in pure, unfilled, resin. She is designed to fit a 60mm round base and has a height of 11.3cm from bottom of her scenic base to top of her horns, and 15.8cm to top of her wings. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

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