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Plague Angel

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Plague Angel

Plague Angel is a winged avatar of death. Riddled with the most virulent of diseases known to man, his arrival is the harbinger of doom. Pockmarks and sores cover his body, as not even the Plague Angel is completely immune to the sickness he carries. However, he is immune to their debilitating effects, and appears inured to pain or injury. Those who do not fall to his scythe often find themselves succumbing to illness after even the briefest of encounters. Those souls he does reap with his scythe are absorbed into his flesh. Their mewling cries accompany this winged menace into battle.

Plague Angel was inspired by the song "Angel of Death". He has a unique silhouette with the classic plague theme. While his origins are unknown, his feathered wings and halo esque horns suggest corruption or mockery of divine form.

Plague Angel is cast in pure, unfilled, resin. He stands nearly 23cm (9") to the top of his wing tip, and is mounted on a custom sculpted 50mm by 50mm base.

Plague Angel was designed and sculpted by Jeremy Glen and Matt Molen.

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