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Launcelot Limited Edition Resin

Never have the streets of London seen the like of the cold, deliberate violence of Launcelot. The knight is, as ever, a stout and honourable figure but as The Engine's Servant, his mind is not entirely his own. The Engine seizes control of Launcelot and directs his actions as it wills. The Engine's foes become his and, as much as he may regret it, any bystanders who get in Launcelot's way may also fall victim to the merciless will of The Engine.

This premium Collector's Edition resin version of Launcelot is limited to 500 copies, each sold with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Once sold out there will be no more resin copies created - ever!

Launcelot is a 32mm miniature sculpted by Sebastian Archer.

Multi-part miniature comes unpainted and requires assembly.


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