Creatures from Hell Paint Set

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SCALECOLOR Creatures from Hell Paint Set by Scale75

  • The paint formula is developed by some of the best model painters and chemist who specialize in acrylics.
  • Paints are acrylics and can be used with brush (thin with water) or with airbrush (thin with Thinner scalecolor)
  • Paints are completely matt and made with a very fine pigments. You can work with them to do bases, glazes, dry brush, degrades, etc..
  • The sets are developed to get several color per set, not only one. 
  • This set comes with 8 bottles (17 ml) pain formulated for fantasy & gaming figures. 
  • Step by Step instructions included inside each set to explain the process with all details step by step through two samples to do easier the modeler work even if inexperienced. 
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17 ml

1 Review

20th Jul 2015

Good, but lacking in pigment

The consistency is great, better than the older S75 paints. The colors are also nice, I like the different shades. However, I was using one of the brighter reds as a highlight color for some leather boots and was disappointed at the paint's brightness. This is a good and a bad thing, in my mind, as it allows easier blending, but it makes getting contrast a little more difficult (takes more time, more layers and I wasn't in the mood).

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