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35mm Bamboo Clip with Holder and Case 12 Pcs

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STYLE X Modeler's Tool - Alligator Clip with Bamboo Stick Clip Holder Case

Contains 10 Bamboo Stick Clip, a clip holder and a case

35mm clip & short bamboo stick

For holding small pieces or bits to paint. Perfect for airbrush and spray painting.

1 Review

John Vogel 6th Jan 2016

Best tool I never knew I needed!

I have to say, before I saw this item listed here, I had no idea it existed. Once I received it and was able to use it, I'm sorry I didn't buy one sooner! Having a slew of clips to hold parts and figures helps with both figure sculpting (which is what I use them for) and painting (which I don't get to do as much as I'd like). I'll definitely be buying more clips for it, as the base can hold quite a bit of the buggers. A great item if you need a lot of small parts held up off the table while you work, I can't recommend this enough!

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