Soil Works Terrain Series 1

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SOIL WORKS Terrain Series 1 Paint Set by Scale75

Natural pigments for terrains, dioramas and figures.

  • Each bottle is 32ml. 
  • This set comes with 4 pigments colors, 1 fixer and 1 mud effect. 
  • Instructions on how to use the pigments included.

1 Review

4th Sep 2014

Interesting product

I have only ever used a single bottle of MIG pigment before buying these for some diorama projects. The pigment is similar in quality to the MIG and is applied the same way. The bottles, however, are rubbish. It's hard to screw the caps on which makes the fixer prone to spilling as it did during shipping, leaving me with only about a half bottle of the fixer. Scale 75 is shipping me a new bottle apparently so no complaints there. The mud effect smells like pva glue but is quite thick and keeps the gloss when mixed with the pigment (the gloss can be reduced or removed by putting more pigment over the mud effect). The fixer really works. I put the pigments down over a reasonably large surface and put a few drops of fixer down. After it dried (I gave it about 36 hours) the color returned to that of the pigment and has held up to some minor handling. All in all, I'm pleased with these pigments. They've added a degree of control to my weathering that I didn't have before. They mix easily to get lots of different shades and application is easy.

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