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Greystone - 16 x 23 inch (A2)

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High Definition Tabletop Photo Background for Miniatures

Enhance the photo of your miniatures with this high definition tabletop photo backdrop. Hangar 18 Miniatures HiDef Photo Background - Greystone is printed on a sturdy yet flexible fabric and does not produce any glare. It will make taking photo of your miniatures less of a chore - minimizing the effort and time in Photoshop to remove the background and replace it with something else. It will also make your photo look more professional.

The Greystone is a classic vignette background that has a mixture of light and dark blue, purple and beige in abstract textures with various depth. This background is perfect for any miniatures, especially for busts.

The compact size of 11 x 17 inch (Size A3) makes it perfect to fit in the 12" EZ Cube or any photo booth. The size is great for small items, single 30 - 54mm miniatures, or a 30mm warband.

The larger size of 16 x 23 inch (Size A2) is perfect for larger scale models and vignettes/dioramas.

Easy installation: simply lay the backdrops against the inside wall of your photo booth. Other ways to install: Put a paint masking tape on the back of the backdrop to stick it to any surface.

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2 Reviews

Joe Rundell 10th Mar 2018

Greystone backdrop

Works great, use it as a backdrop for taking pictures of my model figures.

22nd Mar 2015

Everything I Wanted

Such a great product. I bought it (and another colour) to film and take pictures of miniatures. It made my photos appear so much more professional. The material feels like it is going to last me a long while, and I definitely will be. Recommended 100%.

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