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High Definition Photo Background for Miniatures

Enhance the photo of your miniatures with this high definition photo backdrop. Hangar 18 Miniatures HiDef Grunge Photo Background is printed on a sturdy yet flexible fabric and does not produce any glare. It will make the photo of your miniatures look professional. 

The Grunge is a photo background that has a mixture of concrete gray with speckles of rust colors in abstract textures with various depth. This background is perfect for your sci-fi, military tanks or steampunk.

The compact size of 11 x 17 inch (Size A3) makes it perfect to fit in the 12" EZ Cube or any photo booth. The size is great for small items, single 30 - 54mm miniatures, or a 30mm warband.

Now available in bigger sizes for large scale models and vignettes/dioramas:

  • 16 x 23 inch (Size A2)
  • 23.4 x 33 (Size A1)
  • 33 x 46.8 (Size A0)

 Simply lay it against the inside wall of your photo booth. Other ways to install: Put a paint masking tape or poster tacky on the back of the backdrop to stick it to any vertical surface.

Read the excellent in-depth review written by Michal "Mahon" Machowski from Chest of Colors about this tabletop photo background set: http://chestofcolors.com/hangar-18-miniatures-photo-backgrounds-review/

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