Hangar 18 Miniatures

Studio II Series - 6 Prints Set

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Complete Set of 6 High Definition Tabletop Photo Backgrounds with Subtle Textures for Miniatures

Can't decide on which textures? Get a complete set of all 6 textures of the HiDef Photo Background Studio Series II for the price of 5!

This set contains the following prints:

  • Marble (H18-A007)

  • Jade (H18-A008)

  • Moonlight (H18-A009)

  • Copper Nugget (H18-A0010)

  • Greystone (H18-A0011)

  • Flame (H18-A0012)

Enhance the photo of your miniatures with this high definition tabletop photo studio backdrop. Hangar 18 Miniatures HiDef Photo Backgrounds are printed on a sturdy yet flexible fabric and does not produce any glare. It will make the photo of your miniatures look professional. 

The compact size of 11 x 17 inch (Size A3) makes it perfect to fit in the 12" EZ Cube or any photo booth. The size is great for small items, single 30 - 54mm miniatures, or a 30mm warband.

The larger size of 16 x 23 inch (Size A2) is perfect for larger scale models and vignettes/dioramas.

 Simply lay it against the inside wall of your photo booth. Other ways to install: Put a paint masking tape or poster tacky on the back of the backdrop to stick it to any vertical surface.

Read the excellent in-depth review written by Michal "Mahon" Machowski from Chest of Colors about this tabletop photo background set: http://chestofcolors.com/hangar-18-miniatures-photo-backgrounds-review/

2 Reviews

Jason Newman 9th May 2018

Fantastic But Fragile

I now own several backdrops from Hangar 18 and all of them are extremely useful and do a great job of framing your models in photos to take things to a higher level. Be aware that the handling and care instructions are not a joke. Even with delicate handling it is extraordinarily easy to scuff or scratch your backdrops so take very close care when handling these. An important note on the smaller A3 size is that it is substantially smaller than most 'quick and easy' light boxes the majority of people will be using. That means you're likely going to need to attach the backdrop somewhere other than the top velcro strip the larger A2 would go against. Be *very* careful here as using something like power tack or vecro strips could damage your backdrop if you return it to storage rolled up. A great product nonetheless, just take care when handling!

Tom 9th Oct 2016

Nearly perfect

I bought now the second set of Hangar18 backdrops, had the A3 size before but wanted to make larger Miniature pictures as well as buildings so the A2 size is quite good ( even i liked an even bigger option ). The colors are fantastic ( only the green doesn't look so much on the finished pictures which is a bit disappointing), the red flame goes with nearly everything especially demons & dragons. This time there was a small note included which stated how to handle the material, warning about the easy scratching ( which happens quite fast even i am careful )and how to adjust / prep them for photoshooting ( handy advise i think, wonder why the first order hasn`t had one ?). I recommend these for people who want to make outstanding shots of their minis, if for themself or for posting them, the backdrops give the miniature /s a kind of mood , depending on the color it changes the character. Why only 4 Stars for such an outstanding product ( shipping is fast by the way, standard option from the US to Japan in a bit over a week & very safe package, neatly rolled up in a strong carton tube.Sadly one was scratched already when i got them but i can live with it.) ? The mentioned green color JADE doesn't show nicely on my shots, tried to light it up but i haven`t found a way yet ( yes, i use a photo box as well ). Moonlight & freestone are quite close ( only my opinion ok ) too. But, i would buy again, different color schemes, bigger size even better and i am in !

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